Solves everyday challenges / issues, by developing new products, regardless of technology.


Get new growth product(s) or service(s) which will increase your business and possibility for multi-channel sales.




1. Expand your product range with new current and innovative products.

2. Add time current services to your portfolio.

3. Expand your current sales channels with multi-channel sales.


If you want a flying business, you must give it wings.


A profitable future encourage you to follow current trends.


New technologies have changed the business opportunities particularly marked in the recent years.


Failure to follow with the changes, companies/ store’s can suddenly be without an income that can cover one's costs.


Are you one of the few, who can keep up ?


The consumer behaviour change - most businesses / shops do not!


Consumer behaviour has and will change significantly in the future.


New technologies and globalisation has set new standards for consumers - it should feel good, it should feel easy.


Do you know today's and tomorrow's consumer behaviour ?


For women, the shopping process is important

- it should be fun and rich in experience.


For men, shopping is important

- it must be fast and comfortable.


Persons under 45 are primarily grew up in a time when everything is visually oriented.


They want to make spending with meaning and make a difference for the society.


It is very important to signal social responsibility.


Get access to and benefit of large global knowledge and experience.


Large national and international knowledge and experience in product development, service development, multi-channel sales and more ...


Have sold more than 5,500,000 consumer products in 50 countries globally.


Have service users in more than 55 countries globally.



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